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On the Only Otsuka blog, you will find opinions and viewpoints of Otsuka U.S. leaders about our company, our activities, our people and the decisions we make as a business. We invite you to be part of the conversation, and welcome your comments. But first, a few ground rules. When commenting, please keep in mind that we work in a highly-regulated industry, and there are limitations on what we can say, and what we can allow to be posted. We will review all comments before they are allowed to be posted. We are committed to conducting our reviews as quickly as possible. We reserve the right to refuse publication of any comments that are inconsistent with the Comments Policy. So, when commenting, keep in mind the following: 
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        • If your post includes possible side effect and or adverse or unexpected reactions that may be related to use of an Otsuka product, we may be required to contact you for further information. You may contact us to report an adverse event related to Otsuka products by calling 1-800-438-6055 (U.S. only). Or if you prefer, you may contact the FDA directly: please visit fda.gov/medwatchor call 1-800-FDA-1088
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Thank you for reviewing the rules! We’re excited to have you join us to learn more about our company, our people and our vision for the future of healthcare. We look forward to hearing from you!