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As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic continues to evolve around the world, Otsuka stands united with our global community to navigate this fast moving and complex healthcare event.

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As Senior Vice President, Business Development & Alliances, Ron Newbold focuses on bringing together resources from both Otsuka and Avanir to create a highly effective business development function. He works closely with our U.S. leadership team, and senior leadership in both Europe and Japan to develop and execute on a comprehensive business development strategy.

Otsuka offers emerging technology and biopharmaceutical companies some great opportunities for collaboration, and it is an opportunity for all Otsuka employees to engage in our growth toward the future.Having recently joined Otsuka after spending much of my career in other large pharmaceutical companies, I’m often asked about what sets our company apart and what kinds of opportunities Otsuka is seeking.It’s a great question, and one I hope everyone will be able to answer in their own words! Our company has a great story to tell.  Thanks to our history and experience with successful collaborations as well as our focus on early stage products and technologies that address some of healthcare’s most notoriously difficult disease categories, we offer collaboration opportunities that are unique to our industry. A Wealth of Experience Since the beginning, we’ve sought to develop products that make a real difference in people’s lives, by traveling down the paths of discovery others are less likely to tread.Rather than be “Big Pharma”, we strive to be a “Big Venture” company that delivers total healthcare solutions to solve unmet medical needs with the patient always in mind.Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd.  has discovered and developed treatments for central nervous system disorders, cardiovascular and digestive diseases, respiratory and dermatology conditions, and cancer. Otsuka also provides a range of clinical, nutritional, and diagnostic products that also improve the daily lives of patients.The leadership at Otsuka knows what it takes to form successful alliances and collaborations.  Indeed, the U.S. operations for Otsuka were in large part born out of the successful relationship with Bristol Myers Squibb. Since that time, our U.S. business has gone from strength-to-strength.  In the past 5 years alone, we’ve significantly expanded our portfolio, both through our internal research and development and through successful in-licensing of products and technology.  Our focus on solving some of the most complicated problems in healthcare has lead us to form strategic relationships with innovative digital technology companies, and resulted in the approval of the world’s first digital medicine.Our U.S. operation may have changed a great deal over the past decade, but the institutional memory of that relationship with BMS remains, and informs how we seek out and work with other companies today.  We believe that because of our history, and our size, Otsuka is a more collaborative organization than other, more traditional companies. In today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape, companies can’t survive if they adhere to a “not invented here” mindset.  We therefore believe in the importance of identifying novel approaches, and strive to be flexible, responsive, and supportive of companies with which we form alliances.Over the past few years, Otsuka has penned a variety of deals.  From acquisitions like Avanir Pharmaceuticals and Neurovance, Inc., to strategic collaborations with healthcare technology companies like Proteus Digital Health or Science 37 , our organization has demonstrated a willingness to examine different collaborative models to achieve our innovative business goals.To those relationships we bring internal experience and expertise.  We know how to take a product through drug development.  We know how to design and execute late stage clinical trials and how to work closely with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to gain market clearance for novel medications – often in indications where others have failed or given up. We also bring substantial resources.  As part of the 40,000-strong pharmaceuticals division of the global Otsuka Group, we have access to a worldwide network of research and commercial teams in key markets around the world. Perhaps most importantly, we bring a culture that rewards and supports creativity and innovation.  Otsuka eschews today’s tendency to focus on the short-term.  Instead, we strive to seek-out solutions that, in the long-term, will pay dividends for Otsuka, organizations we forge alliances with, and the patients and healthcare professionals who use our products.That long-term view has helped shape our current business development strategy, a strategy that aims to:
  • Maximize the value of our global products
  • Make a comprehensive contribution to medicine through product evolution
  • Explore new opportunities to address persistent unmet medical needs
  • Continue to collaborate to create unique and innovative products and solutions for better health worldwide
Our collaborations with companies inside and outside the pharmaceutical industry further expand our capabilities and reach, while our work with community and advocacy groups helps us better understand patient needs. In everything we do, our efforts are grounded in a commitment to quality and ethics.I hope this helps provide a good sense of who Otsuka is, and what we offer other organizations.  In a subsequent blog post my colleague, Bill Zeruld (Director of Business Development), will provide more specifics of what we are looking for when exploring business development opportunities. In the meantime, we welcome the opportunity to hear from you, and to learn more about what you and Otsuka could do together.  If you would like to contact someone in our business development group, please use the comment feature on this page and someone will get back to you. 
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Comments 2

  1. Michael Ciesieski
    Would like to connect with your BD group regarding opportunity for partnering around phase 2 clinical stage oncology immunotherapeutic (with platform applications) in our company that should be of interest for Otsuka. 
    Mike Ciesielski, PhD
  2. Hervé d'Allens
    Hi Business Development Team,
    I would like to get in touch with your someone in your team in order to send a proposal for a meeting with our CEO about an ongoing development under IND during the 2019 JP Morgan Conference.
    Dr. Hervé d'Allens
    Administrator CommentHello, Dr. d'Allens! Thank you very much for reaching out to us. We have forwarded your request and information to the proper channel and hope you will hear from someone soon!