Important Updates on COVID-19

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic continues to evolve around the world, Otsuka stands united with our global community to navigate this fast moving and complex healthcare event.

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Welcome to our newly launched blog "Only Otsuka"

Lucy AbreuSenior Director, Corporate Communications

Lucy leads the Corporate Communications and Public Relations functions at Otsuka. She is committed to creating and executing digital, social and corporate marketing strategies to promote core company strengths in an inspiring and innovative culture that is grounded in Japanese roots. Lucy has over 20 years of experience in global digital and social media marketing, corporate communications, broadcast, print and web journalism. She serves on the Rutgers University Design Thinking Advisory Board and volunteers as a Girl Scout Troop leader.

Welcome to our newly launched corporate blog - “ONLY OTSUKA.”Through our blog, we hope to provide a forum for discussion on a variety of emerging trends and topics in healthcare related to our companies, our community and our industry.Posts will be authored by Otsuka senior leaders and other employees. We’ll talk about how the application of new technologies and approaches are transforming healthcare. We will lead candid discussions on how we can all play a role in our industry to better support patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. We will primarily focus on mental health and innovation.We intend this blog to be a platform in a “socially active” community of people working together to advance healthcare. We believe that if you add your voice to this online conversation, together we can surface important insights that ultimately may help improve the quality of care and improve health outcomes. We strongly believe if people think differently, we can unlock our full potential.To that end, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to add your comments, perspectives and questions in the comments field. We look forward to the dialog. When commenting, please keep in mind we operate in a highly-regulated industry and therefore ask that you follow our comments policy. This blog is not intended to provide or discuss medical advice or products.Like all blogs, we aim to connect our thoughts to those of others online and will be linking to other posts, videos or articles to share information and raise awareness of different points of view. Hopefully, what we post here will be of enough interest to you, the reader, that you will feel compelled to share our perspectives too!On behalf of my colleagues at Otsuka, I’m excited that we are joining the online conversation and I look forward to hearing from you.          FEBRUARY 2017     01US17EUC0025
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  1. Sreelakshmi chitoor
    Thanks so much for enabling a collaboration environment! Great way to learn, share ideas, information and feedback!
    Administrator CommentThank you! We hope you enjoy the blog.