We are committed to creating new products for better health worldwide

Otsuka in the U.S. has several pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. and we are all proud to be a part of the Otsuka Group. We share the global vision of a commitment to creativity and innovation and the consequent development and promotion of new products and innovative solutions for better health worldwide. In our relentless pursuit of the best patient outcomes, Otsuka in the U.S prides itself on a rich company culture that fosters an imaginative and entrepreneurial environment. It's where our top talent seeks to solve some of healthcare's most complex challenges. Otsuka in the U.S. is striving to disrupt the typical pharmaceutical development paradigm. We encourage debate, entrepreneurial thinking and innovation of the entire development process in order to create compounds that best serve patients' needs. Advances in technology have allowed us to rethink how we develop healthcare solutions. From eClinical trials to ingestible sensors, we are exploring the potential of technology and the role Digital Health can play in transforming the industry, and more importantly, providing additional options to patients, caregivers, health care professionals, and others. Every day, we challenge ourselves to stray away from the status quo through unconventional thinking, agility and collaboration. We prioritize the quality and efficacy of the compounds we develop, encouraging a robust creative process for our researchers. We aim to develop and deliver first-in-class and best-in-class medicines for use in neuroscience, oncology and cardio-renal. These are very exciting times for all of us at Otsuka in the U.S., as we not only have a portfolio of products that are making a real difference in areas of unmet medical need, but also have many new products at various stages of development. We invest for the long term, not just short term gain. To turn our vision into reality requires passion, leadership, dedication, diversity of thought, collaboration and perseverance. Our people have this in abundance, allowing us to come up with innovative ideas, to develop new technologies, to identify and seize new opportunities and hence create additional healthcare innovations. Along the way we have welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with other companies inside and outside of the pharmaceutical industry. We have also worked with various community and advocacy groups to help provide resources and better understand needs. Collectively, we are all honored to work tirelessly on behalf of patients and their loved ones to try and make a difference. We firmly believe, together we can share ideas and skills to solve healthcare complexities even faster. In the U.S., there are two Otsuka pharmaceutical companies:
  • Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc., (OAPI) commercializes Otsuka-discovered and in-licensed products in the United States; its Canadian subsidiary, Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Inc. commercializes products in Canada.
  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc., (OPDC) clinically develops and registers innovative healthcare products on a global basis.
  • Two companies with a common theme and mission: Otsuka–people creating new products for better health worldwide.
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We encourage debate,entrepreneurial thinking and innovation of the entire development process
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From eClinical trials to ingestible sensors, we are exploring the potential of technology and the role Digital Health can play in transforming the industry