A Magnet for Top Talent

Otsuka pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. are a highly attractive proposition for those who want a career in pharma. We are a magnet for top talent. That’s because we welcome a diverse range of people who are dynamic, vibrant, creative and unconventional thinkers who are all motivated to push themselves to achieve greatness. Otsuka-people have a passion for developing and creating innovative products and solutions that offer better health to patients worldwide. We provide a welcoming, friendly and inspiring work environment that nurtures their passion, as an individual and as part of a team, and stimulates their creativity, curiosity and perseverance.

Freedom to Dream

At Otsuka, we encourage our people to fulfill their potential, whether they are just starting out on their careers or have plenty of experience. We want them to follow their dreams and we give them the freedom to reach for those dreams. Otsuka is unique.  We dream. We debate. We dance. We discover. We develop. We deliver. We are One Otsuka.  One company with one vision and one common goal: create new products for better health worldwide. We welcome every employee to find their personal Otsuka story as they journey along the path to Learn. Grow. Dance. Leap. Soar.

Our Working Environment

At Otsuka, we believe that the working environment of our facilities in Princeton (New Jersey) and Rockville (Maryland) should reflect our key priorities of collaboration, big venture thinking, innovation and health and well-being. Bearing this in mind, and the views of our employees, careful attention was paid to the design of Otsuka’s Princeton facility. It provides an abundance of natural light, a feature our employees told us was incredibly important to them. In addition, a central, open staircase connects all four floors, a feature designed to encourage movement between floors and to create a sense of unity across the organization. To inspire people to connect and collaborate with each other, the design team created an informal environment with individual desks arranged in an open plan setting, with teams and individuals matched to the locations and workstations that make the most sense. Each floor was designed with a regional theme including Japan, Europe and the U.S. Complementary artwork is displayed that reflects the bold, bright and culturally enriching spirit that aims to inspire creative thinking. The offices also have many different types of meeting rooms and huddle rooms that address various needs in terms of formality, seating, technology requirements, and audio-visual requirements. Employees were invited to help name our conference rooms, which reflect our cultural heritage and spirit.

Unconventional Thinking

To get away from the conventional corporate culture of generic art on the office walls, Otsuka employees, as well as their family members, were encouraged to submit their own artwork for display in a recognition of our culture of unconventional thinking and diversity. In the words of our late global President, Dr. Taro Iwamoto, “We should be wildly creative from this corner to that corner.” To view our offices in Princeton and our offices and research facilities in Rockville, MD, please take a look at the gallery on this page.
"We should be wildly creative from this corner to that corner."
Dr. Taro Iwamoto Our Late Global President


  • Working at Otsuka
    At Otsuka, we give people space to think
  • Working at Otsuka
    Everyone at Otsuka has the freedom to reach for their dreams.
  • Working at Otsuka
    Collaboration, teamwork and communication encourages the cross-fertilization of ideas.
  • Working at Otsuka
    Creativity is at the heart of everything we do.
  • Working at Otsuka
    Thinking differently takes us down a path to ground-breaking discoveries.
  • Working at Otsuka
    Otsuka provides a welcoming, friendly and inspiring work environment.
  • Working at Otsuka
    State-of-the-art facilities were designed to reflect our innovative culture.
  • Working at Otsuka
    We believe in taking the road less traveled to discover and deliver products that no-one else has thought of.
  • Working at otsuka
    Otsuka is passionate about developing medicines that offer better health to patients worldwide.
  • Working at Otsuka
    Each Otsuka-Person journeys along a path to learn, grow, dance, leap and soar.
  • Working at Otsuka
    Our employees wanted a new workplace with an abundance of natural light: we delivered.
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Our People

What Our Employees Say

"The technologies that we have to offer moving forward definitely make us a company to look at for the future."

Christina Garton

Assure Territory Manager

"I am really excited to get to work with some of the most talented people in the industry and to be able to improve the health of individuals worldwide."

Patrick Guinn

Global Regulatory Affairs

"Otsuka is so focused on bringing new solutions to patients in unconventional ways. I really see every day an opportunity for me to contribute to that, to fuel innovation and to bring results."

LaToya Coffey

Director Program Management

"Otsuka has really encouraged me to look for solutions to complex problems in innovative and creative ways."

Miguel Abrams

Senior Product Manager Marketing & Hospital Products


Digital Medicine

Otsuka is at the cutting-edge of the new frontier science of Digital Medicine, developing wearable and ingestible technologies.