GRANTS AND CONTRIBUTIONS Thank you for your interest in the Otsuka US program for funding of unsolicited and independent grant requests and charitable contributions. Interested organizations may register and submit requests for funding or in-kind support via the Otsuka Grant Management System (GMS). For your convenience, Help and FAQ links, Therapeutic Area Briefs (Otsuka’s independent summaries of unmet needs and practice gaps), and a User Guide are available on the GMS web site. Please Click Here to access the GMS Web portal. Otsuka US currently funds the following types of requests:
  • Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals (CE/CME)
  • Investigator-Sponsored Research (IST)
  • Healthcare-Related and Community-Based Charitable Contributions
CE/CME Otsuka is committed to funding innovative education that supports the lifelong learning and continuing professional development of healthcare professionals (HCPs). To be eligible for consideration, education must be designed to improve outcomes by:
  • Delivering education solutions that reinforce learning and change in HCPs through the rigorous application of adult learning principles and scientific evidence
  • Advancing the systems-based practice of medicine
  • Improving the accessibility, quality and delivery of patient care
Otsuka will consider requests for funding of CE/CME grants in the following disease states: major depressive disorder and schizophrenia (in alliance with Lundbeck); hyponatremia; pseudobulbar affect; hematologic malignancy (pre-transplant conditioning regimens, acute myeloid leukemia, myelodysplastic syndromes). Please visit the GMS Web portal to confirm funding availability. All grant requests submitted via the GMS will be considered; however, Otsuka will prioritize requests that align with our areas of interest and emphasize performance- and quality-focused CE/CME for HCPs that is delivered at the regional, state, and/or local levels. For more information about CE/CME grants please visit IST In a continuing effort to address unmet medical needs, Otsuka supports independent, investigator-sponsored trials (ISTs). Investigator-sponsored research should have the potential to impact the disease area being studied.  Research should be clinically sound with attainable objectives. Otsuka may provide financial support and/or study drugs but is not the study sponsor and assumes no sponsor obligations. For more information about the current areas of interest for ISTs please visit Charitable Contributions Otsuka is committed to better health worldwide and in our communities. To strengthen our community ties, we support nonprofit organizations whose missions align with Otsuka's areas of interest. These may include donations or sponsorships for healthcare-related or community-based programs or activities that:
  • Address the needs of the underserved and/or minority populations
  • Educate and/or advocate on behalf of patients and their families
For more information about charitable contributions please visit Otsuka US Grants Office | 1 (800) 438-6120 | |