Nick is Vice President of the Global CNS Business for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc. (OPDC). He is responsible for alliance management with companies that Otsuka has alliances with, as well as development of global clinical and commercialization strategy for pharmaceutical and digital innovation products.

Throughout his tenure at Otsuka, Nick has applied his passion for science and innovation to further the organization’s long-term goals while successfully developing and managing key products. His career at Otsuka began in 1988 as a researcher and organic chemist for psychiatric disorders in the CNS group in Japan and has steadily progressed to the clinical and commercial aspects of the pharmaceutical business, as well as taking on global roles. In 1996, he became the Product Development Coordinator responsible for the development and coordination of the global clinical plan for an antiplatelet agent. Starting in 2000, he was the International Manager of ABILIFY (aripiprazole) at Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc (OAPI). He managed coordination between the U.S., E.U., Japan, and Asia, as well as allied companies. By 2003, he became the ABILIFY Product Marketing Manager, leading the brand in Japan, until beginning his current role in 2011.

Nick had the unique opportunity and honor of contributing to the research and development and commercialization of ABILIFY. During his career at Otsuka, global mobility afforded him an opportunity to exchange knowledge with peers, bringing different perspectives and problem-solving abilities to the conversation based on professional backgrounds. Today, he is passionate about the future of Otsuka and how the company can leverage technology and digital innovation to advance healthcare and help make the world a healthier place for all.

Prior to joining Otsuka, Nick received a Master of Science in pharmacy from Gifu Pharmaceutical University, Japan.

Our global group is smart, small and agile—not top-heavy or top-down. People working at Otsuka in a global function support the individual successes in each of our local companies throughout the world.