Otsuka US PAC has a long history of providing financial support to legislators from both major U.S. political parties. Our PAC regularly reviews our giving strategy to ensure it is aligned with our corporate values, key policy issues that impact the patient communities we serve and our employees.

Last week, we observed behavior by lawmakers who attempted to subvert the presidential election results and disrupt the peaceful transition of power to the new administration. Our democracy and political system rely on the critical expectation that the voice of voters will shape the results of an election.  Those policymakers objecting to the 2020 election certification stands in direct conflict with that expectation. As a result, the Otsuka U.S. PAC Board of Directors has unanimously decided to not support any campaigns of the 147 members who decided to vote against certifying the elections last week.

Our goal is to continue to work with elected officials from both chambers in a meaningful way to support policies that promote access to medicines for the patients we serve.