Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Because of you… we can. We can investigate complex healthcare challenges and work together to find solutions. Otsuka’s goal is to create new products for better health worldwide. To develop new medicines, as well as variations of existing therapies, patient enrollment in clinical trials is essential.  It is a vital part of the process towards establishing the safety and efficacy of potential new therapies and achieving the regulatory approval required to make such medicines available to the public. We very much appreciate and value the contribution of all those who have enrolled in trials and those who are curious to understand more about clinical trials. Through your efforts, we have been able to learn more and develop drugs that are used to treat mental health problems, cancer and cardio-renal diseases. Otsuka currently has clinical trials in these areas, with the hope of making a real difference to the lives of people suffering from serious and often life-threatening conditions. While we don’t have all of the answers, we are working diligently to learn more and more about these illnesses every day. Because of you…we can.

Where can I find general information on clinical trials?

For general information about publicly and privately supported clinical trials conducted around the world, please visit  https://clinicaltrials.gov. Useful information for the public, patients, medical/research communities, the media and policy makers about clinical research can also be found at https://www.ciscrp.org, the website of The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP).

How do I enroll in a clinical trial?

The https://clinicaltrials.gov site provides an easy to use search tool for details of completed trials and trials that are currently looking for volunteers. Each prospective study outlines the eligibility criteria and provides contact details for enrollment.
Clinical Trial inset


Otsuka’s extensive R&D program means that new medicines to treat cancer and mental health illness are on the horizon.