Sharing Knowledge to Improve Patient Care

Through collaborative efforts, Otsuka has organized several forums comprised of key leaders interested in the prevention of mental illness and the treatment and care of patients' and their loved ones. In these forums, knowledge is shared and resources are developed to help address complex healthcare challenges.

The Global Council on Alzheimer’s Disease

Otsuka launched the Global Council on Alzheimer’s Disease (GCAD) collaboration group in 2015. It includes cross-functional leaders and influencers from advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, academics and leaders from financial institutions. Regular educational summits have already taken place and more are planned in the future where participants will share knowledge and contribute ideas as part of an on-going effort to determine the best way to work together to solve patient needs.  The GCAD has three main goals for creating a patient-centered Alzheimer’s community:
  • Recognition, diagnosis and treatment to achieve optimal care and provide the right solutions
  • Navigation and life planning to create an accessible, responsive healthcare system
  • Supporting families and caregivers to empower and drive forward patient-centered care
Unbranded ‘Living with Alzheimer’s’ webisodes (a series of videos for use online) were recently created as a result of the GCAD summit for public use. The four episode series features: spotting the signs of dementia; receiving the diagnosis; life after diagnosis; getting support. 
Global Council on Alzheimers Disease

Pseudobulbar Affect Summit

More than 2 million people in the U.S. may have Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA), a distressing neurological condition that can result in involuntary laughing or crying. Avanir, an Otsuka affiliate, produced the world’s first and only treatment for this condition and we are committed to helping patients who struggle with PBA. In 2015, Otsuka launched the inaugural Pseudobulbar Affect Scientific Organization Educational Summit, where we brought together a diverse group of experts to discuss how we can drive forward innovative, patient-centered care. This select group of expert advisors, all of whom have unique insights into a specific pathway for PBA, presented their perspectives on both the state of PBA and the opportunities to improve treatment and care. In addition to supporting this forum, Otsuka sponsors the PBA website that provides resources for patients and caregivers. Otsuka is also proud to support The PBA Film Project which produced a high quality documentary that provides insight into PBA and how it affects people’s lives.  Details of the film can be seen at


At Otsuka, we are proud of developing PsychU, a new community for mental health professionals dedicated to the understanding, sharing and evolving of best practices in treatment through the exchange of information, experience and ideas. PsychU was founded by Otsuka, in conjunction with Lundbeck and Avanir. PsychU ( brings together physicians, nurses, care managers, social workers, pharmacists, researchers, payers, advocates and other professionals involved in providing, financing or regulating mental health services. PsychU focuses on providing free, around-the-clock access to information on mental health developments and best practices – in both the clinical and management sectors – via online news feeds, resource libraries, polls, virtual forums, regional meetings, and more. Topics and resources are focused in areas such as schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, pseudobulbar affect, health economics and outcome research, healthcare law and policy, quality standards and measures, care coordination optimization and digital health.
Psych U

Connect 4 Mental Health

Sadly, many people with serious mental illness may experience cycles of hospitalizations, incarceration in prison or homelessness. To help tackle these problems, Otsuka collaborated with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the National Council for Behavioral Health and Lundbeck to launch Connect 4 Mental Health (C4MH) in 2013. C4MH campaigns for greater collaboration among the mental health community and other community-based organizations, such as emergency services, law enforcement and public housing. The emphasis is on improving support for an estimated 10 million U.S. adults suffering with serious mental illness, and to help address community issues, such as burdens on jails, hospitals, emergency rooms and public housing centers. The annual C4MH awards recognize local organizations across the U.S. which are implementing innovative, collaborative approaches to address serious mental illness in their communities. The cash awards are a recognition of novel approaches in four areas: early intervention, creative use of technology, continuity of care, and service integration.  For further information about C4MH and the awards criteria, please visit
Connect 4 Mental Health

Corporate Social Responsibility

Otuska is dedicated to helping communities and charitable organizations, as a company and also through fundraising initiatives by our employees.

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