Supporting Patient Access to Treatment

At Otsuka, we are committed to putting patients first. We recognize that the needs of patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals are complex and differ in each individual case. Otsuka’s ASSURE Program addresses these needs by providing support to patients and their caregivers after they have been prescribed the following Otsuka medicines: ABILIFY MAINTENA (aripiprazole)REXULTI® (brexpiprazole) and SAMSCA® (tolvaptan). At Otsuka, we realize that every patient’s treatment journey is different. The ASSURE Program helps facilitate access to prescribed Otsuka medicines. This includes providing coverage support, as well as appointment and refill reminders. Other support offered includes:
  • Confirming insurance coverage and cost-share requirements
  • Connecting eligible patients with copay assistance
  • Researching alternative coverage options if needed
  • Determining eligibility for Otsuka’s Patient Assistance Program
  • Coordinating treatment at medication administration sites
  • Assisting with the continuity of care across treatment settings
  • Providing dedicated live field reimbursement support
Key to the success of delivering this support are the ASSURE Patient Support Managers and ASSURE Navigators. The ASSURE Patient Support Managers support patients’ access to prescribed treatment. The ASSURE Navigators, who are trained nurses, provide telephone support directly to patients who request it. They help with treatment scheduling, transition support and reminders to take medication as prescribed. If needed, they can connect patients with locally available community support services.

For additional information on ways we can help caregivers and patients who have been prescribed Otsuka medicines, visit or call 855-24-ASSURE (855-242-7787) and ask to speak to a dedicated site coordinator.

Patient Access

Certain patients may be eligible to receive assistance in paying for certain products. Please see the information below for more information about our product patient assistance programs.  For ABILIFY MAINTENA® (aripiprazole)1 Patient Assistance, please call (855) 627-7873 or visit For SAMSCA® (tolvaptan)2 Patient Assistance, please call (866) 758-7069 or visit For REXULTI® (brexpiprazole)3 Patient Assistance, please call (844) 687-8526 or visit


Otsuka believes in transparency. We publish clinical trial information on the web, providing easy access for patients and healthcare professionals.

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