Pioneers at the Cutting Edge of Digital Medicine Technology

Healthcare is moving from analog to digital. Now more than ever, patients and their families have access to tools to better manage their health, and physicians have the objective data to provide more personalized treatment plans and informed decision-making. No therapeutic area has a greater need for the potential of these health services and tools than serious mental illness. Despite significant advances in mental health treatment over the last 20 years, many patients still struggle with taking their medication as prescribed. Offering more comprehensive insight into actual medication-taking patterns and their effects on total health and wellness may help people with serious mental illness have a vested interest to stay on their medication


Otsuka Digital Medicine Ethics Statement 

Otsuka is committed to being a leading innovator in drug discovery and technology solutions that can improve health outcomes for people living with serious mental illness. In doing so, Otsuka’s commitment to digital medicine represents a milestone in our desire to move to a new generation of promise and possibilities. We commit to the following:
  • We will respect individuals living with serious mental illness  
  • Individuals will be able to decide who may or may not access information related to their use of digital medicine. At any time, an individual will be able to discontinue sharing some information with their care team, family or others; or opt out of the program altogether
  • The individual’s decision whether and how to use digital medicine will be voluntary and informed. As part of the informed consent process, people will be educated on how the data from their digital medicine will be used
  • Otsuka will make patient confidentiality and data security a top priority
  • The treatment team that is authorized to have access to data will agree to handle and store it in accordance with all applicable regulations, with the goal of securing the best protections possible
  • Feedback will be welcomed, respected and listened to as we make continuous improvements to enhance usability of digital medicine and the user experience
In this journey, true to our values, Otsuka will hold itself to the highest ethical standards in our perseverance to bring innovation and solutions to the field of psychiatry. In our efforts to help improve the lives of individuals with serious mental illness, we are purposefully and deliberately working to earn and keep their trust and that of their healthcare providers, care teams and families.
“We believe Digital Medicine could revolutionize how patients manage their own treatment and fulfill a serious unmet medical need in this population.”
William H. Carson President & CEO