Important Updates on COVID-19

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic continues to evolve around the world, Otsuka stands united with our global community to navigate this fast moving and complex healthcare event.

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Join the Otsuka Family: Make a Difference

Otsuka offers a wide variety of careers to people who crave the opportunity to solve some of healthcare’s greatest challenges, for those who are willing to learn and grow together. Otsuka is a unique place to work, but it’s not for everyone. If you consider yourself to be agile, and enjoy navigating in non-traditional environments where debate is encouraged, the boss is not always right and you have the freedom to make a difference in the world… we’d like you to explore becoming part of the Otsuka family.

Employee Value Proposition

At Otsuka we have a unique employee value proposition (EVP). It’s what we challenge everyone who works at Otsuka to experience. We do our best to provide an inspiring environment and encouragement to fulfill both our, and their, expectations so the Otsuka journey truly does become personal and memorable. There are 5 pillars to our EVP: Learn, Grow, Dance, Leap and Soar. As one experiences our Big Venture culture and begins to navigate through our unconventional organization, we believe our cultural tenets and our value proposition can empower them to confidently pursue their passion and achieve their goals.

Career Growth

Otsuka offers a wide variety of careers to people with talent who are willing to embrace our culture and values. Examples of some of our specialist areas include:
  • Biostatistics
  • Biometrics
  • Clinical Development
  • Clinical Outsourcing
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Clinical Programming
  • Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Digital Medicine
  • Drug Discovery
  • Ethics, Quality and Compliance
  • Finance and administration
  • Government Affairs
  • Information Technology
  • Legal Affairs
  • Marketing
  • Market Access
  • Medical Affairs
  • Medical Communications
  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Sales
  • Technical Operations


  • Learn

    Changing what is working; extending beyond your expertise; perseverance; gaining knowledge from experiments, failures and each other; creating value, not activity; being wildly creative.
  • Grow

    Getting better and being better; expanding your capability and skills every day; exploring and experimenting; thinking wildly, differently.
  • Dance

    Wild creativity from one corner to the other; engaging with people different than you; turning chaos, confusion and challenge into expressions, ideas, and outcomes.
  • Leap

    Crossing into the unknown; plunging into new and untested experiments; throwing yourself into disruptive innovation; not fearing failure; dreaming, learning and growing together.
  • Soar

    Converting ideas and unconventional thinking into tangible realities; stretching beyond your own expectations; doing the unorthodox; achieving your greatest potential.
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Ready Now

At Otsuka, we like to think of ourselves as open-minded when it comes to spotting sales potential in people who may have ability but not the experience. Our Ready Now program gets people out of the Catch 22 scenario where you need experience before a company will hire you but you can’t get hired in the first place without the right experience. People, not roles, are what make us a special company. We look for highly motivated people who challenge conventional thinking, are constantly curious and life-long learners. We are an innovative company that values people who bring different perspectives and can provide insights. We believe creativity is everything. Without people who make a difference, there is no real growth. That’s why we are always looking for people have already shown a level of excellence in what they do and now are looking for a new and exciting challenge in pharmaceutical sales. While we expect a Bachelor’s degree from a college or university, and 2-5 years of postgraduate business experience, sales experience is not necessary, just a willingness to learn our business and become immersed in Otsuka’s culture and values. Interested? For more information about Ready Now, watch the video below.
Ready Now
If you have the ability and desire to succeed in a career in sales, we can help you reach your full potential.